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Bed Bug Depot is the leading provider of do-it-yourself bed bug products and solutions for your home and business.
We've helped homeowners, tenants, landlords, hotels, and many more from the negative effects of bed bugs.  For more than 20 years Bed Bug Depot has work with leading companies researching our products and services in the field. We have received our education from top universities and carry the necessary credentials in bed bug extermination and humane pest management. Recognizing the growing need for quality pest professionals around the country, we are proud to provide reliable, effective and professional service.

Bed bugs are flat, reddish-brown, and become swollen after a blood meal. Bed bugs feed on blood and hide in cracks and crevices and can often be found in mattress seams.  Bed bug infestiation has nothing to do with cleanliness as they often hide in luggage and can easily be transported from even the best hotels into your home.  Early detection of bed bugs is critical to prevent them from spreading. 

The only way to know for sure if you have bed bugs is to produce an actual sample of the bed bug itself or have a professional inspect for bed bugs so the bed bugs can be identified and exterminated. 
Bed Bug Depot
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Save $10 on Bed Bug Deluxe Kit
Save $10 on Bed Bug Travel Kit
Travel Luggage Bed Bug Spray $8.99
Climb Ups 4 for $19.89
Mattress & Box Spring Encasements
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Bed Bug Home Kit
1 LED Flashlight with batteries, 2 pairs Latex-free gloves, 1 magnifying glass, 2 cans of bedlam and 1 (12) pack of climb-up insect interceptors.
Bed Bug Travel Kit
1 LED Flashlight with batteries, 2 pairs Latex- free gloves, 1 magnifying glass, and 1 can of bedlam (for spot treatments and luggage treatments).
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